Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I should see a therapist? 

At it’s core, therapy is about helping people learn to function better in their daily lives, in their relationships, and in times of crisis. If you are struggling with any issue that is making it hard to function and has lasted more than a few weeks, it would be a good idea to see a therapist. At the very least, if therapy isn’t the right path for you, the therapist can recommend other agencies in the area that may be more helpful.



What can I expect from my therapist?

If you don’t feel comfortable with or connected to your therapist, it will be difficult for therapy to be successful. I provide a safe place for you to explore whatever issue you are dealing with without judgment or condescension. While in therapy with me, you can expect a collaborative working relationship to facilitate your healing process. 


Additionally, therapy is not a place to simply get advice or have someone tell you which decisions to make. A good therapist provides tools to help you navigate your life and relationships more effectively, but encourages you to choose how and when to use these tools. 



What happens during treatment?

Therapy looks different for everyone. For some, therapy lasts only a few weeks and for others, it can last for years. During your first few sessions, I’ll get to know you and your background, and have you describe the problem that brought you to me in detail. After that, I can personalize a treatment plan to your needs. You, as the client, are encouraged to share what you are looking for out of treatment so that we can set goals that will signal when its time for therapy to end. 


As a Christian counselor, how do you integrate faith into your practice? 

I believe personal faith is a powerful force that can provide hope, healing, and direction. Religious and spiritual concerns can impact emotional and relational functioning in profound ways, and I encourage clients to seriously look at that part of their life. However, the amount of faith integration present in treatment is always up to the client.


What are your rates?

I charge $100 per session and I do offer a sliding pay scale. Unfortunately, I'm not accepting insurance at this time.

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