Parent and Child
Therapy for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders


The perinatal period (pregnancy through the first year of the baby's life) is often portrayed as one of the most magical times in a woman's life. Though it comes with exciting changes and milestones, many also find it overwhelming, scary, and confusing. And it's not just for moms! Postpartum mood disorders affect 1 in 7 women and 1 in 10 men. It's my goal to provide a safe space for new moms and dads to process how they're feeling about this huge life transition. As a certified perinatal mental health provider, I help you as a new parent make sense of your symptoms and gain relief, learn practical coping skills, develop solid self-care techniques, and create a vision for the parent you want to be . 

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Individual Therapy


Everyone has at least one issue that plagues his or her daily life and makes it hard to focus. During individual counseling, I work with clients to resolve these kinds of problems. Some of the more common ones are low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, anger management, identity issues, and spiritual issues. Together, you and I look at maladaptive relational patterns, family history, attachment style, and many other relevant pieces of your that could be contributing to the problem. From there we look at practical solutions and skills to help you stop the cycle you're stuck in and create healthier styles of relating to yourself and those around you.

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Couples Therapy


A romantic relationship can provide some of life’s most fulfilling experiences. However, constant conflict, differing priorities, and trust issues all take their toll not only on the well-being of the relationship, but on many other areas of each individual’s life. Problematic issues for couples can range from infidelity to basic communication trouble and anything in between. I work with couples to understand the root of their problem and provide tangible ways to improve their relationship. Together, we work on basic communication and conflict resolution skills while simultaneously delving into the deeper, complex aspects of their particular issues and the end resulting is a fulfilling, mutually supportive, thriving relationship. 



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Premarital Counseling


Marriage is difficult enough as it is--setting the tone and laying the foundation for a healthy marriage before it begins is vital. During premarital counseling, I help couples tackle the "big questions" and get to know each other more deeply than they've ever done before, ensuring that they start their marriage with openness, honesty, and trust.  

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Family Therapy

Maintaining a happy, balanced family life is hard under the best of circumstances--and let's be honest, those times often seem few and far between. What affects one family member affects all, and it is vital that families learn skills to help support one another through whatever obstacles may be present in current circumstances. During family therapy, I help families learn to communicate effectively, resolve conflict in a healthy way that promotes honesty and cohesiveness, and build genuine connections between members.



Realign Counseling

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